IT Consulting and Training

Saving Time and Resources For Your Company

IT Consulting

Main Line PC Consulting offers a variety of IT consulting services. Our main goal is to ensure that you have all of the appropriate technology tools available to succeed and achieve your goals. Our clients consist of individuals who are not quite sure what computer to purchase for their home. Businesses that are starting out and not sure which equipment to purchase for their company. Established corporations who are looking to decide on which software purchases or upgrades would be most beneficial for their company.

We have over 20 years of IT consulting experience in the field. In addition to a variety of environments (small business, private sector, academia, etc.). Main Line PC Consulting has the knowledge and skill set to move you forward. The latest technology is great but not always the best for you. We have a unique ability to gauge your needs and select the software, hardware, and systems which are best for you. Our IT consulting services makes fiscal sense and will save you time and money. Let us handle your it based decisions which are customizable for any business or organization.


IT Training

Our IT training services are affordable, fun, and effective. We offer individual and corporate IT training projects customizable for any business or organization. Main Line PC Consulting will help your employees learn while increasing productivity. Our goal is to make learning fun and remove any fear from technology. Our classes will ensure that IT will work for you. Technology should make your task easier and more time efficient. We will come up with a custom IT training schedule and plan to meet the needs and goals of your business. Let us meet with you ahead of time to discuss the best available options for you.

We can also help with the upgrade, migration, and training of a particular program. We can create self training presentations and cds, provide and create manuals, and other additional support tools for ongoing training. Your employees can learn on their time and at their own pace. We also prefer that the IT training be hands on and customized to meet your needs! Even learn to create your own training videos using Captivate!